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“Treating drinking water to be constantly clean remains one of the most important management tools in intensive production systems”

Product that is used on a regular basis to acidify and floculate the drinking water to be clean of heavy metals, organic materials and reduce bacterial counts. The product was tested by the SABS and reduced pathogen bacterial counts by more than log 5 for E. coli, Pseudomonas and Staphylococcus after 5 minute contact time.

Organic acids and polyphenols combination

Mode of action
Product that is used to treat water whilst animals and chickens are in production on a regular basis. The product will reduce the pH of the water actively preventing growth of pathogenic bacteria and eliminate formation of biofilm inside the drinking lines. The polyphenols will chelate heavy metals inside the drinking lines and gut of the animals and will also floculate and eliminate organic materials inside the water system.   


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